Whiteboard Animation

Explaining your message can be difficult. Simplify! Whiteboard Animations are the perfect medium to keep your message interesting and engaging. Whiteboard Animations are pictures that are drawn out in front of the viewer so like a street artist who performs his art in front of a crowd, they not only have a higher percentage of audiences watching them to the end but also a higher information retention rate. Is your message getting lost in outdated or uninteresting formats? See how Whiteboard Animations can increase your message’s effectiveness!

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When Instagram opened the ability to post videos, over 5 million videos were posted in 24 hours. Videos are the communication language of today. Don’t just tell people what you do, show and tell them. Videos increase engagement as well as emotional response. And messages without emotion are simply “sales pitches” and seem in-genuine. Let the video be your sales pitch where people don’t need to be in your office or showroom to learn about you. Give them the option to lay around in their pajamas and watch about what makes your company awesome. Don’t sell your service or product anymore, simply let people see it in custom video.

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Pictures are worth a thousand words. They can communicate to everyone with a simple glance. They are some of the oldest forms of communication! We can create custom illustrations for your next project! Books, maps, charts, processes, characters, people, places, events… you get the idea! If you can dream it, we can draw it!

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Whether we admit it or not, people make assumptions about others all the time. A dirty restaurant must have terrible food. A business without any reviews must not be professional. Well, a logo is your first shot at an impression on your potential customer. And without a memorable logo, it could be your last. Good logos explain your business in a professional, creative, and memorable way. Stand out, get noticed, and create an outstanding first impression.

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Motion Graphics

Walt Disney was brilliant. He was the first to understand that children and adults alike love watching things with motion, color, and animation. We’re statistically attracted to it! We all remember how the Walt Disney logo appeared at the beginning of everything they created. “Walt Disney” was written below the castle and the rainbow was drawn over the top. Motion graphics is simply the term used to take your logo and turn it into a living, breathing work of animated art. And now, it’s not just available to the big dogs like Walt, but anyone looking to step their brand and image up to the big dog level for a fraction of the price.

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Animated Character or Mascot

People are bombarded with company names. An average driver sees over 1,000 company names on their commute to work on billboards, signs; even on their phones. Company names become white noise. But when a company creates a character like JPaul Roofing and Construction’s Mother Nature (TM), you’ve got something that people will never forget. The result will be a community of people showing a funny video about “Mother Nature” to their friends at parties… not because they’re excited about roofs and construction, but because it’s funny and maybe reminds them of the person they share it with. And when that person leaves the party and wants to find the video but can’t remember the name of the Roofing and Construction company, guess what they will search for? “Mother Nature destroys a house”. And they WILL find it. We call this the Super Bowl affect because the day AFTER the Super Bowl, people don’t stand around the water cooler at work talking about products, but their favorite commercials. And the mission of residual branding breadcrumbs being left in people’s minds has been accomplished! And will not self-destruct in 5 seconds.


Voice-acting is what makes a character believable or not. Without the proper tone, cadence, emotion, and properly developing the character, the character can be perceived as unrealistic. Rhett has a “cast” of voices himself, or we have other voice-actors to get the job done. Either way, the characters we create for you will be believable and trustworthy!

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