Why whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is trending today because of a few reasons.

One, this has become a fast-paced world that is information driven and yet everyone still has the same number of hours in each day. So we end up being filters of information rather than true engagers of a message. Whiteboard animations help set your message apart by their very nature because there is something magical about watching someone draw something in front of you. Not to mention, whenever you can hit on more than one of the five senses, the chances of retaining the information goes up dramatically. Exactly the same reason that you loved that whacky teacher who always used fun, engaging examples during class.

Two, welcome to the world of VIDEOS. We used to watch videos or movies on the big screen, then in our own homes, and now finally, in our pockets. Videos are how we communicate through YouTube, Facebook, and other social medias. The trouble is the same as reason one… your video needs a differentiator. Whiteboard animations statistically hold audience’s attention for the entire length of the message (as long as it stays under two minutes). This is a staggering game-changer that sets your message apart from all the rest.

And three, advertising isn’t what it used to be. Most businesses do not have the advertising budget to spend tens of thousands of dollars on 30 to 90 second spots on TV or radio. And production companies charge at least $3,500 to even touch a project. They have to! Bringing cameras, lights, and audio equipment to your location, shooting hours of video, editing for hours, etc. It takes a lot of man power and time. So most business owners simply spread their message through the internet, email, and social medias. Whiteboard animations cost a fraction of the price of other advertising  and can still produce better results than informational videos.  


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