Whiteboard Animation – The Process

Step 1. Ask yourself five questions:
1. What do you want to accomplish?
2. Who’s your audience?
3. What’s your core message?
4. What action do you want viewers to take
5. Where will the video be played

Step 2. Consultation – Schedule your FREE consultation through the website by filling out either the “contact us” OR “schedule free consultation” at www.rhettcreative.com. This is a 30-60 minute phone call to discuss your ideas.

Step 3. Script writing – After your consultation, Rhett Creative will develop your script based off of your consultation and will send you a completed version for you to review and edit where it is necessary. Once you have made the changes, send it back.

Step 4. Storyboard – The finalized script is translated into a storyboard so you can see the flow of the video through illustrated pictures for review and changes made where necessary.

Step 5. Final feedback – You are able to provide final feedback before the animation heads to production. We’ll discuss any preferences you have for the look and sound of the video including links to a website to pick music (if you so desire).

Step 6. Delivery – The high-definition video is completed and you will receive the actual video file in whatever format you desire (.mp4, .avi, .gff, etc.).

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