How Important is an Online Video Presence?

What  is the number one search engine online? Google.

Almost everyone knows that but most people don’t realize what the number two search engine is. That’s right, YouTube. With little TV’s in our pockets, watching a video about how to fix your dishwasher is easier than downloading a dishwasher manual or visiting a local HVAC company’s website. 

Today, without an online video presence, you could be missing out on almost half of the people who would rather watch a video than visit your website or read your blog posts.  

Rhett Creative’s method of converting the ordinary messages to the extraordinary messages with simple, creative whiteboard animation is highly effective. The video below was created for Load Bearing Wall Pros who wanted to explain how to identify a load bearing wall in your home. Not very exciting, right? The video has been watch over 7,500 times in one month! It takes a boring subject that is hard to understand and converts it to an entertaining piece of video artwork that a three-year-old would watch till the end. 

What does your online video presence look like? We can help!

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