Marketing Is Like Painting A Picture

Marketing is like painting a picture. You try something and then you step back to see if it worked. Good marketing is knowing what picture needs to look in the end. Bad marketing is having no idea what it’s supposed to look like. In other words, good marketing is having ONE core message that’s easy to understand. Geico’s 15 minutes or BMW’s ultimate driving machine. Once you have a core message, all your marketing attempts should point to that message.

At Rhett Creative, we make whiteboard animations, videos, and logos but mostly what we do is develop a core message. Mirage Custom Pools hired us, and they thought it was to make some videos showing how pool equipment works. What we did was establish a core message and a slogan that promoted that message. “Escape With Mirage.” Meaning that you could escape the hassle of a 3-hour-class about how to use your pool equipment with a 2-minute animated whiteboard video. We did a commercial about a woman fantasizing about being at the beach when she was actually just sitting by her Mirage Custom Pool. She had, “Escaped With Mirage.”

Your core message cannot be, “we’re honest, professional, or we have integrity,” because that’s everyone. In order for your message to be effective it has to be something different. It has to be something creative. It has to be something that breaks you away from the herd. And if you don’t know what that is, marketing can be arbitrary and sporadic. Develop that core message, and funnel all your marketing attempts towards that message, and you’ll be surprised how quickly people will be attracted to your message. 

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