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Business owners are always asking me how they can get more exposure online? And the want it for cheap! Of course video ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, email campaigns, creative branding are all powerful ways to get exposure but aren’t necessarily cheap. While Facebook and other social media posts/ads are cheap but don’t necessarily generate tremendous exposure…especially if you don’t know how to read the data, reporting, and analytics that Facebook provides.

There is a way that cost next-to-nothing and when it is utilized correctly is just as powerful (if not MORE powerful) than any of the others methods listed above. I am talking about blogging.

Rather than telling you how powerful it is, I want to show you how powerful it is by telling you a story…a true story about a man named, Matt.

Matt owns a swimming pool company called Gohlke Pools. Matt has diligently and persistently written a blog for his business for over 15 years. Without fail, Matt would answer the various pool-related questions through his weekly blog by posting articles, using real-life examples on jobs he had worked on, and sharing his wealth of knowledge without a sales pitch at the end of each post, “buy a pool from me.”

As Matt posted in his blog each week, and more importantly, didn’t use the blog as a platform to tell people about his pool company but filled it with helpful information, his relativity to the pool industry started to increase. As this happened his ranking on Google slowly climbed higher and higher.

How does this work?

Google indexes websites. Meaning, Google comes to websites, searches them and checks to see if they have relative, fresh, and original content. This content cannot be all about your company, but information that would be good for followers. Articles, tips & tricks, “how to” explainers, top five things you must know, all relative to your industry.

As Google comes back each time to find more and more of this information, the algorithms automatically assign a higher ranking to your site. The moment you stop, your rank will fall.

This method isn’t an overnight sensation. It is slow and low. It requires persistency and dedication and above all, an ability to write well as your content won’t rank well when it looks like it was written by a third-grader. But over time, it can be one of the most valuable marketing tools in your bag.

Years later, Matt’s blog propelled him so far up the list of Google searches related to pool builders that one night, when Matt was staying in a hotel in California, he did a search for pool builders on a lobby computer as a joke. Matt was surprised to find that his company in Texas came up higher than other pool companies in California. Now that’s power!

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