Coming Up With A Video Idea

Making a creative video is easier than you think. Here’s a tip: don’t think of the finished product. Think of something very simple. “Something is bad, something else (like your product) is good.” Start there. Very simple. Then go through life with this thought in the back of your mind. All of the sudden things will start to pop out at you! You’ll be watching the news and you’ll see video of a street intersection in India where cars whiz past each other nearly wrecking and you’ll think, “wow, that’s bad!” Or you’ll be at a football game and someone in the stands will accidentally stand up and cheer for the wrong team and you’ll think, “that’s bad.” And before you know it you’ll have a couple ideas to choose from and you simply plug them in. “Cheering for the wrong football team is bad, using my company is good.”

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