All I did was post a video… Then this happened

I created this video a year ago (2017) and stuck it on YouTube and never gave it another thought. The video is about one of the most boring things you could ever make a video about. It’s about how a pool valve works.

I wanted to show potential customers that an animated video could make something that was complicated and boring as a bowl of soup easy to learn, fun to watch, and short (30 seconds). I had no intention of increasing my YouTube views or attracting swimming pool customers or driving traffic to my website, I just wanted to showcase my work. Then this happened…

One year later, the video has over 15,000 views, 23 likes, and has been shared over 50 times! How? It’s the biggest kept secret in marketing.


People are tired of being blatantly advertised to. They want to learn about your product but they don’t want to do it with a whacky-waving-arm-flailing-tube-man in their face while they do it. They want to learn by watching a quick video! A video without sales gimmicks or requiring an email. AND without having to watch 10 minutes of a fat guy holding a valve saying, “sorry I haven’t posted any videos in a while, I’ve been a little sick and my mom kicked me out of her house last week…” Get to the point!

I looked for other videos explaining the exact same valve and found this one…

It is over 4 minutes long, it has rolling credits at the end like its a feature film, and it averages about 5,000 like per year for the past nine years. This video was put out by a pool equipment retailer which would lead someone to believe that they would have the lion’s share of the market as the authority. But the numbers speak for themselves.

My unofficial experiment proved something that we ALL already know. Nobody likes to be “sold” to. And especially in this content driven, fast-paced world we live in. They want to sit on their couch with their phone in their hand and find the shortest video with the best visuals, and do it without being bothered with your sales pitch. We all skip that part anyway.

So stop trying to sell. Your video will do it for you.

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