Super Bowl Affect

Your advertisements need something besides information about you or your service or products. They need the “Super bowl Affect”.

During the Super Bowl almost every single commercial (which are always rated the best) have a character, a story, or something hilarious or bizarre that has nothing to do with the service or products. Why? Because in a competitive market, the bizarre thing will be what people remember… NOT your company’s name.

People are bombarded with company names. An average a driver sees over 1,000 company names on their commute to work on billboards, signs; even on our phones. You probably didn’t know that you see that many company names on your way to work. Because you are probably like the rest off us and tune them out. So, they become white noise.

When you create a character like JPaul Roofing and Construction’s Mother Nature (TM), you’ve got something that people will never forget.

The result: a community of people showing your commercial to friends at parties and having lunch… not because they’re excited about roofs and construction, but because it’s funny and maybe reminds them of the person they share it with. And when that person leaves the restaurant or party and wants to find the video but can’t remember the name of the Roofing and Construction company, guess what she’ll search for? Mother Nature destroys a house.

A challenge you to do two things:

1. Try to forget this ad. 2. Come up with one of your own!

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