New Year, New You

Did you know Blockbuster Video passed up an opportunity to buy Netflix for $50 million because they thought online streaming was, “simply a niche business”?

Netflix now has over 80 million subscribers.

It’s easy to do things the way we’ve “always done them”. But if businesses do this, the consequences can be devastating. 

Today the trend is videos. Five billion are watched on YouTube and 8 billion are watched on Facebook… everyday! And they have become the communication language of our generation. 

Let’s get YOU into the game!

Check out how companies are using ANIMATED CHARACTERS to explain their process, product, or service.

Use a character to explain a problem that you provide the solution for.
Use your character in funny scenarios to make it easy to remember.
Use your character as a personified nemesis to your audience.

Are you Ready to get turned into a character?

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