About Rhett Creative

What We Do

Rhett Creative uses whiteboard animation, video production, graphic design, and logos to help tell the story and market the message in a fun, fresh, and fascinating way! Rhett Creative specializes in developing the personality of a business to unshackle the sluggish impressions of, “we have great service,” “we have integrity,” “we’re honest”. Morality, quality, and character shouldn’t be sales pitches because they’re expected…and everyone uses them! So, when businesses use them, it appears in-genuine, impersonal, and pretentious. So, what will make people remember YOU above everyone else?! What do YOU do that no one else does?! What separates YOU from the herd?! Rhett Creative’s talent is to help develop YOUR separation. How?

How We Do It

Rhett Creative matures that separation by creating head-turning ideas that elevate “findability” from potential customers beyond just a product or service… but to something far more memorable and far more satisfying. We tell stories to melt hearts. We make people laugh with bizarre costume creations and hilarious scripts and actors. We create a personality… that just so happens to be in business making money… not the other way around. And we connect the average fast-reading, low attention span person to the personality, starting a relationship before we ever yell, “SALE!” “DISCOUNT!!” “COUPON!!!” all without blatant marketing and “salesy” tag-lines. When it comes time to purchase the product or service, the relationship is already established.

Why We Do It

We didn’t invent this. John Deere was “advertising” this way over 100 years ago. He started releasing a magazine of stories. Stories of farmers working hard across America. They used his farm equipment, but the articles weren’t about how much superior the products were, they were simply inspiring stories of hard-working Americans getting up early and coming home late in order to provide for their families and keep American mouths fed. The culture he created was appreciative, inspired, and most of all, loyal. This is the culture we want to create for our client’s customers. Not simply because we believe this method has the longest lasting results, but because it sure feels good waking up every day and helping a business develop their true authenticity rather than help them squeeze out the slickest sales gimmick or the lowest price causing potential customers slip and fall into a sale. So, we don’t want to sell snake oil, we want to sell snakes! And if you love snakes OR if they terrify you, either way, we want you to have a memorable reaction.