Marketing with Creativity

Not all marketing attempts evoke emotions. But evoking emotions is vital to the level of success of the marketing attempt! We are emotional beings and our brains yearn to learn by being emotionally driven. And the best way to accomplish this is creatively. Just like your favorite teacher in grade school or high school. They reached you like no one else did and you remember them today because of their ability to evoke long lasting emotions!

At Rhett Creative we sell head turns. We evoke emotions by using creativity, we capture attention, and turn people’s heads which pave the way for opportunities. We offer whiteboard animations, edgy videos, motion graphics, logo design, drone footage, etc. But more importantly, we evoke emotions whether it be laughter, love, or life. Whatever turns the head and captures your audience’s attention so you can make the sale!

Marketing Is Like Painting A Picture

Marketing is like painting a picture. You try something and then you step back to see if it worked. Good marketing is knowing what picture needs to look in the end. Bad marketing is having no idea what it’s supposed to look like. In other words, good marketing is having ONE core message that’s easy to understand. Geico’s 15 minutes or BMW’s ultimate driving machine. Once you have a core message, all your marketing attempts should point to that message.

At Rhett Creative, we make whiteboard animations, videos, and logos but mostly what we do is develop a core message. Mirage Custom Pools hired us, and they thought it was to make some videos showing how pool equipment works. What we did was establish a core message and a slogan that promoted that message. “Escape With Mirage.” Meaning that you could escape the hassle of a 3-hour-class about how to use your pool equipment with a 2-minute animated whiteboard video. We did a commercial about a woman fantasizing about being at the beach when she was actually just sitting by her Mirage Custom Pool. She had, “Escaped With Mirage.”

Your core message cannot be, “we’re honest, professional, or we have integrity,” because that’s everyone. In order for your message to be effective it has to be something different. It has to be something creative. It has to be something that breaks you away from the herd. And if you don’t know what that is, marketing can be arbitrary and sporadic. Develop that core message, and funnel all your marketing attempts towards that message, and you’ll be surprised how quickly people will be attracted to your message. 

Whiteboard Animations Are Like Fireworks

Whiteboard Animations Are Like Fireworks

Whiteboard Animations Are Like Fireworks
Whiteboard Animations Are Like Fireworks

Remember running your first lemonade stand? It was fun! It taught you about handling money, service with a smile, and to only use half the container of lemonade mix per pitcher instead of the whole thing! But what you didn’t learn was something that we as business owners know all too well: there are lemonade stands in front of every single house on the street and all of them claim to have the best lemonade! Free enterprise is a beautiful thing, but it sure makes it hard to sell lemonade.

As technology has evolved, so has the prescription for getting noticed. In the old days, all you needed to have was a business phone number. Over time you needed to add a fax machine, and later a website! Fast forward to today. Social media pages are what everyone uses.

As the trend changes, so do all the lemonade stands, each trying to get an edge on the market to stay two steps ahead of the competition. And people will do anything to get noticed! I’m pretty sure I’ve counted more sign-spinners on street corners in 2017 than I have ever seen in my life. And even though it’s true that people’s attention is scientifically drawn to color and movement, there has got to be a way to rise above the “dancing bear” technique to grow your business!

What about fireworks? Yes. Fireworks. I don’t care if you are 5-years-old or 100 years-old, anyone who watches fireworks says “Ooh!” and “Ahh!” Just check out the amazing pictures in a quick Google search. There is something magical about watching fireworks. “How… Do… They… Do… That?!!!” And when the fireworks are through we all want to know one thing… which one of these lemonade stands fired them off?!

Whiteboard animations are like fireworks. There is something magical about watching someone draw something in front of you. Like when you’re watching a street artist, you don’t want to walk away until you see what they’ve painted… the payoff isn’t until the very end.

Whiteboard animations have the highest percentage of audiences watching them until the very end. That’s not just magic, that’s lightning in a bottle! What could you do with lightning in a bottle? Let’s start with selling more lemonade.

How do you get started? Contact Rhett Creative for a free consultation or visit us online to learn more about whiteboard animation. Give Rhett a call at 214-695-5560, or send an email to

How Important is an Online Video Presence?

What  is the number one search engine online? Google.

Almost everyone knows that but most people don’t realize what the number two search engine is. That’s right, YouTube. With little TV’s in our pockets, watching a video about how to fix your dishwasher is easier than downloading a dishwasher manual or visiting a local HVAC company’s website. 

Today, without an online video presence, you could be missing out on almost half of the people who would rather watch a video than visit your website or read your blog posts.  

Rhett Creative’s method of converting the ordinary messages to the extraordinary messages with simple, creative whiteboard animation is highly effective. The video below was created for Load Bearing Wall Pros who wanted to explain how to identify a load bearing wall in your home. Not very exciting, right? The video has been watch over 7,500 times in one month! It takes a boring subject that is hard to understand and converts it to an entertaining piece of video artwork that a three-year-old would watch till the end. 

What does your online video presence look like? We can help!

Whiteboard Animation for a Cause

Check out our latest whiteboard animation created for landowners, Jim & Robyn Luscombe, who utilized the uniqueness of whiteboard animation to quickly attract almost 2,000 views in three days for their fight against the threat of Eminent Domain on their land. Click Here to learn more about their fight, not only for their own land, but all Collin County landowners in this crucial battle with the State that is taking place in our own backyard.  


Animation is one of the most impactful ways to communicate a message! Just like that goofy teacher you had back in school who you’ll never forget because of their humor, their creativity, or their unconventional teaching methods, a good animation can set your message apart from all the rest in am meaningful way. This particular animation is simple, stylized, and colorful… and yes, silly, but no matter how sophisticated the message, it can be communicated easily through this format to help your message soar! Click on the penguin below to watch!

Logo – The Process

Step 1. Consultation – Schedule through the website ( This is a 30-60 minute phone call to discuss your vision, designs, ideas. Sketches are helpful no matter what your artistic level is or what you draw it on (napkins are fine). Consultation can include a screen sharing collaborative meeting through “Moxtra” (you would need to download to your desktop) and you will be able to see Rhett Creative bring your ideas to life in real time.

Step 2. Production – Rhett Creative will design your logo and create three versions for you to choose from.

Step 3. Revisions – After your final selection of the design, up to three rounds of revisions ensure the logo ends up exactly how you want it.

Step 4. Delivery – You will receive your final logo in vector art which can be scaled to any size you desire (vehicle wrap, billboard, T-shirt, etc.), also in formats like (.JPG), (.PNG), or any format you like.

Graphic Design – The Process

Step 1. Consultation – Schedule through the website ( This is a 30-60 minute phone call to discuss your ideas.

Step 2. Production – Rhett Creative will design the graphic based on your preferences that were discussed during the consultation and email you at completion.

Step 3. Revision – There are three rounds of revisions to finalize your design and get it exactly how you want it.

Step 4. Delivery – You will receive your final graphic design in a (.jpg) or (.pdf).

Video Production – The Process

Step 1. Ask yourself five questions:

  1. What do you want to accomplish?
  2. Who’s your audience?
  3. What’s your core message?
  4. What action do you want viewers to take?
  5. Where will video be played

Step 2. Consultation – Schedule your FREE consultation through the website ( This is a 30-60 minute phone call to discuss your ideas.

Step 3. Develop your content – During your consultation, Rhett Creative will help develop your ideas into a plan for shooting the video as well as schedule the date to do the video shoot. Do you want interviews explaining your message? Do you want video of your process, product, or purpose? Do you want a mixture of both interviews and also footage of your message?

Step 4. Video shoot – Rhett Creative will video whatever was discussed in the consultation, usually on location. Most video shoots last one or two days.

Step 5. Editing – Rhett Creative will edit the video according to the plan established during the consultation. It usually takes two to three business days, after the video shoot, to complete the editing process.

Step 6. Review – Once editing is completed, you will either come to Rhett Creative studio or review the completed video through YouTube private link and make any final changes if necessary.

Step 7. Delivery – The high-definition video is completed and you receive the video file in whatever format you desire (mp4, avi, gff, etc).