The First To Use Motion Graphics

Walt Disney was brilliant. He was using Motion Graphics before anyone. He understood that children and adults both love watching things with movement and color. We all remember how the Walt Disney logo appeared at the beginning of everything they created. “Walt Disney” was written below the castle and the rainbow was drawn over the top. It was pure magic.

Motion Graphics… In Daily Life

You can experiment with this… next time you’re in a class or meeting, make note on the things that distract you. Color and movement will almost always be the distraction. Websites use movement or color strategically to draw your attention to items that they want you to click on. In conclusion, it’s smart because it’s science.

What Is Motion Graphics?

Motion Graphics is the way to achieve Walt’s handwritten signature and the rainbow over the top of the castle. Motion graphics is simply the term used to animate text, pictures, logos, literally any type of image and add movement turning it into a living breathing animation complete with music and sound effects.

Why Motion Graphics?

A logo is a vital part of introducing yourself to your customers or audience but the job is only halfway finished… Motion Graphics complete the introduction by adding the personality to your brand that helps establish the “feel” you’re going for: Rockstar? Clean? Fun? Sophisticated? Just like different fonts have different personalities, your logo and your motion graphics play a significant role in your audience understanding that personality. You wouldn’t use an elegant swirly font for your auto-garage or a grungy edgy punk font for your montessori academy… in the same way, the colors, the sounds, the animations all play a role in how our sense perceive the information.

Achieve the results you want with Motion Graphics. And now, it’s not just available to the BIG DOGS like Walt Disney, but anyone looking to step their brand and image up to the BIG DOG level for a little dog price.