What’s the Process to creating a head-turning video and/or marketing content?




Solidify the purpose of your video and/or marketing attempt

Step 1. Ask yourself five questions:
1. What do you want to accomplish?
2. Who’s your audience?
3. What’s your core message?
4. What action do you want viewers to take?
5. Where will the video be played?

Let’s brainstorm together – It’s FREE

Step 2. Consultation – Let’s start the creative process to see what lightbulbs start going off. It’s so much fun when ideas start to build and ramp-up beyond your wildest dreams. Shoot for the stars and we can scale back if necessary. There are NO bad ideas. Call OR Text: 214-695-5560 OR  Email: [email protected] to set up a time (30-60 minutes).

Production – Approx. 2 weeks

Step 3. Script writing – After your consultation, Rhett Creative will develop your script (unless you would like to) based off of your consultation and will send you a completed version for you to review and edit where it is necessary. Once you have made the changes, send it back.

Step 4. Final feedback – You are able to provide final feedback before the animation heads to production. We’ll discuss any preferences you have for the look and sound of the video including links to a website to pick music (if you so desire).

Video is complete – It’s yours

Step 5. Delivery – The high-definition video is completed and you will receive the actual video file in whatever format you desire (.mp4, .avi, .gff, etc.).

Implementation – What to do with your new content

The last step is the most crucial to the success of your marketing attempt. This is where we will post it and how often. Rhett Creative offers CRM, email marketing, and lead tracking software that follows each attempt and delivers results of how many people viewed,  clicked on, and signed up for more information. The management of this software is something you can do on your own with consultation from Rhett Creative or Rhett Creative can completely manage it for you. Either way, if you want results, we can help you capture them!