Drawing with Apple Pencil and Apple iPad Whiteboard Animation



Forbes Magazine wrote an article in Feb. 2016 called “Four Reasons Why Your Next Marketing Move Should Be A Whiteboard Animation Video”

Why? Because:

  • Show-and-tell always works better than “tell”.
  • It’s being drawn in front of you, which, like a street artist, the pay off isn’t until the end so it hooks you till the end.
  • It stimulates so many different parts of the brain.
  • Attention and also retention is statistically higher when things are presented in this way.

With enough time, people will forget all the information that they saw in your video. But they will remember the image that was drawn. Because the brain remembers images far more than statistics.

If your audience can remember something, even if it’s something very arbitrary, then they can Google it. If they can Google it then your video has accomplished its goal: not simply getting attention, but retaining attention.


This is our wheel house! When State Bar of Texas approached us about making Texas government easier to understand for kids in Texas public schools, we said, “no problem!”


When Mirage came to us, they had a very typical problem that most construction-related businesses need a solution for. Warranties.

Watch how we explained the limitations of the warranty while still creating value through education of the product.


The guys at Load Bearing Wall Pros have explained the process of how to reinforce a load bearing wall on a pier and beam foundation to their customers, with detail, face-to-face, dozens of times a day, only to receive many deers in headlights looks.

Within the first 30 minutes of meeting with them (drawing while they explained it to me), they suddenly jumped up from their seats as if they’d won at the poker table after an “all-in”, clapped their hands, pointed at the drawing and yelled, “YES!! That’s it!!”


One thing all business owners share is a desire to present their company in consistent and precise way no matter who (from their company) is speaking about it.

We helped JPaul Roofing and Construction put a 25 min presentation into 6.5 mins.

Now every employee has the video in their pockets through YouTube.

This means that the presentation includes 100% of every important detail in 25% of the time it took to explain it before.


Here is a perfect example of our philosophy about Whiteboard Animation Videos and the potential they have versus other types of videos.

This is a “Jandy Never Lube 3-way valve” and is one of the most confusing valves installed on swimming pool equipment today. Why? The valve cannot be turned off. (even though it has the word “OFF” written on the handle). And you can’t see what the water is doing inside because it is made of black plastic. The only thing do is turn the handle, then walk over to your pool to see where water comes out, but still remain confused on how to turn it off.

So, it’s confusing.

Secondly, there are probably 35+ videos explaining how to use this valve. All are shot on film, all have people who know what they’re talking about explaining, all of them are roughly 2.5 mins to 6 mins long!

Challenge accepted.

We made this 30 sec video using drawings & music and stuck it on YouTube on April of 2017.

In 4+ years it has gotten over 120,000 views, 300+ likes, and continues to grow exponentially as people share it.

But what is the true value in a video like this?

Right now, as of Jan. 2022, if you Google “Jandy Valve” or “Jandy 3-way valve” THIS VIDEO is the first video to appear.

Rhett Creative a VERY small company who made a VERY short video that has made a VERY big splash online.

It’s your turn.