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When Mirage came to us, they had a very typical problem that most construction-related businesses need a solution for. Warranties.

We’ve all been customers who expect a warranty to cover more than it does and we’ve all been disappointed when it doesn’t. This was a an explanation that needed to be handled delicately. Enter Rhett Creative.

Watch how we explained the limitations of the warranty while still creating value through education of the product.


The power of Whiteboard style animations can be summed up pretty quickly in this one little video:

This is a “Jandy Never Lube 3-way valve” and is one of the most confusing valves installed on swimming pool equipment because it can’t ever be turned off (even though it has the word, “OFF” written on the handle). You can turn the handle and choose to send water left, right, or both left & right, but never “OFF”. And since it is made out of black plastic, you can’t see inside to learn where it’s sending water when you turn the handle. The only thing you can do is turn the handle, walk over to the pool, and see where water is coming out. And then Remember for next time!

We decided to take on this difficult explanation. We made this video using our drawings and animation, no narrator, no notation, and kept it around 30-seconds.

We released it on YouTube on April of 2017, we didn’t spend a dime on promoting it, and we simply watched what it would do all by itself.

In three years it has gotten 60,000 views, over 130 likes, and continues to grow exponentially as people share it.

But what is the true value in a video like this?

Right now, as of April 2020, if you Google “Jandy Valve” or Jandy 3-way valve” THIS is the first video to appear.

I don’t care who you are, that’s powerful. We are a very small company who made a very short video that has made a very big splash in the market.

It’s your turn.

Forget It! (We’re Counting On It)

Forbes Magazine wrote an article in Feb. 2016 called “Four Reasons Why Your Next Marketing Move Should Be A Whiteboard Animation Video”


Because show ’n’ tell works better than “tell”.

Because it’s being drawn in front of you, which is like a street artist, the payoff isn’t until the end so it kinda hooks you.

Because it stimulates so many parts of the brain.

And because retention and attention are statistically higher when things are presented this way.

People may forget the idea, but they will remember the image that was drawn. If your audience can remember something, even if it’s something very arbitrary, then they can Google it. If they can Google it then your video has left a few more digital breadcrumbs than other videos.

That’s Just Too Hard To Understand! PERFECT.

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Load Bearing Wall Pros – OVER 80,000 VIEWS!

Rhett Creative is EXCELLENT! We used Rhett Creative to re-brand our company. First of all, Rhett walked us through color selection. Next, he helped us with our logo design. Finally, he designed motion graphics that we love. We put the logos on all of our work trucks and our business has gotten more phone calls from our trucks than ever before. He also put together an informative video for prospective customers that shows what to expect when we show up. It has saved us time and entertained people into buying, therefore I put the link to the video on my email signature so everyone can see it! In conclusion, we will use Rhett Creative for all upcoming projects. Thanks Rhett Creative!”  Click Here to learn more.


CIA (Century Insurance Agency, INC) – Custom Coverage Whiteboard Animation

“I am super impressed with the whiteboard video that Rhett Hulcy with Rhett Creative made for my insurance agency. He took the time to ask me about what makes my business different from my competitors, and then designed a video that made it clear but also fun for folks to watch. I have already shared it on our company’s Facebook page and we have over 100 likes. I have never had 100 likes for a post. It’s insurance, so it’s not exciting. But the video really worked!” Jason Helal (owner) Click Here to learn more!

Luscombe Family – threatened with Eminent Domain

“I called Rhett Creative and we immediately set out to work. I gave Rhett a lot of words. Too many words. And, they weren’t in order. Not only that, I drew him things AND added photos on top of that. More words, some fret and all the while the clock was ticking. Artfully, masterfully, and without much help in my distractions – he came to Luscombe Story with now over 2,000 views on YouTube. Bravo Rhett! If you don’t find some story for him to tell for you, you’re missing out.” -Robyn Luscombe  Click Here to learn more.

Mirage Custom Pools – Pool Guy

“Rhett Creative is an amazing talent that can help your business grow because of his innovative advertising ideas and thinking outside the box!” -David Hauk (owner)